Web 3 Leads


Monthly List of Funded Web3 Companies with full industry, funding, and contact details.

Why Web3 Leads?

Web3 Leads provides full contact data of decision makers for Web3 companies that were funded each month.Receive, all general company and funding details, plus:
- CEO email address
- CEO LinkedIn
- CEO / Decision-maker's Twitter
These companies are hyper-niched, and hyper-funded.
They need your services now. Simply offer.
With the Monthly Plan, you receive:
- Web3 Leads List each month
With the Annual Plan, you receive:
- Web3 Leads List each month
- Leads List since October 2022 (500+ leads)
- 2 months free

- Monthly Web3 Leads List

- Monthly Web3 Leads List
- Leads List since Oct. 2022
(500+ companies)
- 2 months free leads


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